At a Park

When you have access to the park, you’re able to do a whole lot more with a frisbee!


These can be done on your own with one disc.


Twirl a disc around your finger,
with many variations!


Let the disc roll from your fingertips over your arms and chest towards your other hand.

Air Brushing

Keep the disc spinning by hitting it on the side, helping it remain in the air.


Spin the disc in order to learn
more of the advanced tricks

Trick Catches

Knowing how to do a wide variety of trick catches will give you an upper hand on the competition.


You delay the catch by spinning the disc on your fingernail (also teeth, feet, and elbows).


Using your finger, pop the disc up into the air by hitting the bottom of the disc in the middle.


These can be done with one or more people, using one or more discs.

Mini Disc Golf

Like golf, but with a mini disc, using a mini disc golf basket, or objects such as trees, playgrounds, etc.


A racing event covering a course where the objective is to complete the course in the shortest time possible by using a minimum of throws and as little running as possible. 

Speed Flow

Pass the disc back and forth as many times as possible between partners in 1 minute.

Disc Golf

Like golf, but with a disc, using a disc golf basket, or objects such as trees, playgrounds, etc.


Players throw as far as they can. The distance from the throwing point to where the disc first hits the ground is measured (can use the UDisc app for measuring).


The intention is to have your disc stay in the air (aloft!) as long as possible and then catch it with one hand before it reaches the ground.


The player throws, and then runs to catch the disc with one hand. Measure from the release point to the catching point.