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Proficiency Rating System


A Novice is anyone who enjoys a disc and is a member in good standing of WFDF.


An Expert is a WFDF member in good standing who has passed the Expert Proficiency Test which must be attested to by two WFDF members in good standing or, if not available, three permanent members of the community, preferably individuals involved in organized sports such as park officials or school physical education instructors.


A Master is a WFDF member in good standing who has passed the Master Proficiency Test, which must be attested to by three WFDF members in good standing. Their membership card numbers must accompany their signatures.

Upon successful completion of the entire Master Proficiency Test, which is to be attested to by the judges on the candidate’s proficiency rating card, the card and certification fee is sent to WFDF headquarters for official sanction. The member will then receive certification as a WFDF Master and be issued a special membership card and certificate.

World Class Master

A World Class Master is a WFDF member in good standing who has passed the special World Class Master Proficiency Test which is given by appointment at regional offices of the WFDF.

Only members in good standing may hold and compete in the above classifications. A lifetime registration payment for any member to be in good standing is $3.00. Authenticated proficiency test scores, listed on the proficiency rating card, must be submitted to the IFA along with certification fee for advance in rating.

NOTE: A member is not required to progress through each classification in order to become a candidate for higher rating. While IFA proficiency certification is predicated on the honor system, any member may be challenged by another IFA member of equal or higher rating to demonstrate their proficiency within their classification.