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An Expert is a WFDF member in good standing who has passed the Expert Proficiency Test which must be attested to by two WFDF members in good standing or, if not available, three permanent members of the community, preferably individuals involved in organized sports such as park officials or school physical education instructors.

Conditions and Test Area

Two, four metre diameter circles should be drawn on the ground 25 metres center to center. The candidate must deliver his flights from within one circle and may choose either end of the court for any throwing or catching group.

Qualifications Court


The catcher is free to move anywhere within the 4 metre diameter circle but is prohibited from stepping outside of it during the accuracy test. The candidate must complete the proficiency test within a 60-minute maximum time period. Only one such attempt may be made in any single day.

Throwing Requirements

Within each of the following groups, the flights must be completed consecutively, with the method of delivery the candidate’s choice. If the flight is properly executed and the catcher fails, it will be judged to be a completed flight.

Straight flights may not cut the four metre lines; curves must cut the the 9 metre lines at some point in flight.

The candidate may schedule the following seven flights in any order they wish.

group1-expert group2-5expert

Group 6 – Distance

The candidate must obtain an average distance, in four flights, two up-wind and two down-wind, of not less than 30 metres.

Group 7 – Repeat any two flights in the above Groups 1 through 5 using opposite method of delivery, ie. if backhand was used, throw underhanded or sidearm.


Catching Requirements

behindbackcatchThe candidate must be capable of catching two consecutive flights of any type using only the right hand and two consecutive flights of any type using only the left hand, made from a distance of 25 metres. They must also be able to complete two behind-the-back catches using either the right hand or left hand.

NOTE: These catches should be done consecutively; however, consideration will be allowed if the flights are not properly executed.

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